Wednesday, March 19, 2014

'Oh, What a Tangled Web we Weave'


As I sit and relax in the evenings I like to doodle, or as my Mother used to call it, 'wasting ink'.
I find it a meditative exercise.
As my eyes and mind follow the lines on the paper I really do feel the stresses of the day melt away.

Have A Beautiful Day.              

Journal 52::

Continuing where I left off last post.

Journal 52: Prompt 10.
Art For A Cause.
I have chosen to Honour The Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Cause. This disease affects women and men.
Watercolour Moleskine, Black and pink watercolour pencils, bubble wrap,
sequin waste, acrylic paint and rubber brayer.

Journal 52: Prompt #11. Stars

I took my inspiration from Van Gogh's Famous 'Starry Night'
and gave it swirly whirl of my own. I regret not making
this on a better quality paper...
Black chisel point and fine point markers, watercolours,
gesso, white gel pen and printed words on crappy paper.

Friday, March 07, 2014

Journal 52 .

Keeping the 'Muse' Alive...

 Participating in on line challenges is the best way for me to stay focused on my art practice.
It makes me experiment with new ideas and media, allows me to play and dabble without judgement on the end result and most importantly gives me the much needed excuse to put aside some time each day to fulfill the need I have to create.

Journal 52

Is a great challenge.
Chelle Stein gives you a prompt each week for 52 weeks of the year

and lots of places on line to show you work and see other member's ideas and interpretations of the weekly themes. The groups members are friendly, helpful and very creative.

Journal 52, Prompt #9: 'Colour Swatch Inspiration' 
We have arrived at Autumn and I am looking forward to the changing colours of nature.
Watercolours, Prisma pencils in Moleskine

Journal 52 Prompt # 8
'Found Poetry'
Liquitex Acrylic Ink. Carbon Black. On old book page in Moleskine.

Journal 52 Prompt #7
'When I Grow Up'
Coloured pencils, sewing and gesso in Moleskine Journal.

Journal 52 Prompt #6
The Art of Love Letters:
Hand drawn and then printed to make it fit into my journal
Serviette, clear gesso,  ballpoint pen, chalk, printer 
and sewing machine in Moleskine Journal.

Journal 52 Prompt #5:
Abstract Art Inspiration.
"The Process"
Stamps, stencil, ink, ballpoint pen, black and red Sharpies, gesso and Digital enhancement.
I started by stamping a small floral print stamp for background and just kept adding elements until I was pleased with it.

Journal 52: Prompt #4, Building Characters.
Meet the multi-talented 'Fran Flounder' 
I was baby sitting when I started this one so 
I didn't have my regular art supplies with me. 
I used my 4 yr old granddaughter's wonderful supplies, glitter glue pencils, 
and watercolour paints to draw Fran on a piece of copy paper.
 Later when I came home I made a background in my 
Moleskine using gesso for texture, spray inks,  
letter stamps, prismacolor pencils and black 'Stabilo All' pencil 
then I pasted Fran onto the page.

Journal 52 Prompt #3:
You Always Make Me Smile.
So many things in life make me Smile.
The Process: Inktense, washi tape, Tombow
& ballpoint pens,
collage and gesso in Moleskine.

Journal 52 prompt #2:
Somewhere: A Simple Place.
Gesso, watercolour paint and Biro
in Moleskine Journal.
Journal 52: Prompt #1,
Up Up and Away.
Painting with my granddaughter's supplies
then pasted in my journal at a later date.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Feeling Uninspired..............

And in a rut with my art. 

Am I becoming stifled by image overload, by searching for inspiration online? Yes!
I am realizing this is my problem and I need to go back to the point in time when I was creating from MY head, heart and soul.
This morning I decided to revisit my beginnings in  this journey, a time when I was listening to my heart and making from within.

By looking at my previous playful drawings and art I feel inspired to go back to making art without thinking or planning. By just letting it happen, letting it flow and never judging the end results. I feel so much

Happier Now.

Happy Sunday,

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Monday, November 25, 2013

The Twelve Girls Of Christmas. Facebook Micro Challenge.

Hello Everyone. I am Clare Hansford, ( Hanny to my family). I live In Victoria, Australia.

 Would you like to join me for a micro-challenge? December is so busy for us all and it is common for us to feel drained and uninspired when it comes to creative pursuits. This little challenge is to paint, draw, doodle or sew a 'Christmas Girl'.
The Challenge: Beginning on December 1st, then on every second day, 3rd, 5th, etc, make a Christmas themed girl using your favourite media. She can be as simple or as detailed as you like. By Christmas Day you will have made twelve beautiful girls to help celebrate and decorate the season. When you finish each little girl you can share your masterpiece here on the group wall. Only two rules, don't stress if you don't get them all done and Have fun.
So would you like to play?

If you would, simply search Facebook Groups for:
'The Twelve Girls of Christmas'
And request to join.

My Example. Mixed Media in Journal.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Did Someone Say Christmas???

It's Beginning To Look Like



And there is so much that needs to be baked, cleaned, arranged and bought...........
But all I seem to want to do is
play in my journals.
Is that wrong?


She's Got Attitude.

Graphic Detail.

Two WIP's